Friday, August 8, 2008

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, and Eve had not been there long and Adam was trying to get a grasp on the female thing, so he asked God if they could have a talk. God replied, "sure your my son and I love you, you can ask me anything."

So Adam asked, "God you have given me the beautiful flowers and the sunset....But I look at Eve and she is so beautiful it takes my breath away... Why God, did you make eve so beautiful?" God replied, "my son that is easy, I made her that way so you would love her", Adam replied "well, it worked, but I have another question... I touch the cool water and rub the furry animals and they feel so good to me but I touch Eve and it is so wonderful that my heart almost stops... God, why did you make her that way?"

God replied "well, Adam that is easy I made her that way so you’d love her..."

"well", Adam replied, "it worked, I do, but God I have one more question and I don't mean to question your wisdom or anything, but God she is stupid, why did you make her stupid?"

God replied "my son, that is easy I made her that way so she would love you."

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