Thursday, November 6, 2008

10 Things you can DO at a Boring Party

1.Speak in a strange foreign accent. when someone asks where you are from, name a
country only you can pronounce.

2.Use a different accent every time you talk to someone new.

3.When getting food, pile everything onto your plate in heaping servings - make sure
to use your hands!

4.Ask the host, "Who threw this cheesy party, anyway?"

5.Bring a novel and curl up in a corner with it.

6.Cough all over guests, then exclaim, "Doctor says a few more years and I'll be

7.Hang your head and whisper one-word answers to questions.

8.If there is music, mix up your dancing: break dance to classical, symphony
conductor hand waves to techno music.

9.If you find your former dancing partner dancing with someone else, burst into
tears, wailing "I thought you loved me!", and run from the room.


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